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You didn't think we would stop there did you! Our New Runway Show Shirts are too gorgeous to leave in the show ring, so we have brought them to the training arena.

These shirts are now available in a variety of colours, Beige, Olive, Maroon and Black. Custom colours can be arranged as well.

Runway Training Shirt Beige

An Equestrian Essential If you are looking to make a statement. MM Runway Shirts are designed to stand out, something never before seen in the arena. It is made from a soft touch, four way stretch fabric to fit like a second skin that is fast drying , to keep you comfortable during training. These are made as a body suit to make sure you always that the perfect tucked in look.

Runway Training Shirt Olive

These shirts have a collar with zip at the back, to create a clean and sophisticated look. They are designed as a body suit to make sure that you always have the perfect presented tucked in look that is clean.

Our body suits have three thin buttons at the bottom for each of use, both while getting dressed and if you need to zip off to the bathroom quickly. These buttons are soft and comfortable so that you won't even know they are their while you ride. But if you do prefer a standard shirt you special order them.

Great for both Winter and Summer, due to the quick dry fabric these shirts won't leave you sweaty or uncomfortable. They are light weight and sun protective, a must have in our South African Sun.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been unable to shoot these gorgeous shirts professionally. But we will soon have great photos to show off just how stunning these fashion forward, statement shirts are.

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