Nericha is a talented rider that we have had the privilege of getting to know over the past year or so. She has recently started her new journey with Chronos and is proud ambassador for SA Horse Feeds and EquiQuip. She has happily agreed to writing g a bit about both herself , SA Horse Feeds and EquiQuip.

I am Nericha Powroznik a 28-year-old rider from Gauteng. I have been riding since I was 13 years old and found the love for horses (animals) long before that.

My first pony was “Lappies” we had no idea about what breed she was. She was my world and thought me so much! I did SANESA as most of us do, most of my primary and high school years. I did really well! going through to Nationals each year and always coming home with ribbons.

I did my first graded show at the age of 18 years old, it was one for the books, a show I will never forget. Maple Ridge (My absolute favorite venue) President’s Cup! Coming home with a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd together with Victor Ludorum in the 1m junior classes. As I grew older I also changed disciplines going from jumping to dressage. I love a good challenge and did quite well in the graded dressage ring.

Current horse:

Chronos is my new boy, I bought him in March this year after I sold my 1.20 boy Bon Chance who was such a learning curve for me.

Chronos is a 5yo warmblood stallion from Captain Celano Z and The Burgh’s Bel Ami both imported, and a first home bred boy from Stan and Leoni van der Burgh. With all the amazing youngsters on the market Chroni was my first choice and I kept with my decision till the end. I am super excited for our future together. We will be focusing on jumping as that is what my boy loves to do.

Chronos currently on Fibre - Beet

I have been privileged enough to be chosen as ambassador for SA Horse Feeds in 2019 and did such a super job that they decided to keep me on the team for 2020 as well. Helena Basson, Proud importer of Speedi – and Fibre – Beet into SA since 2006.

This conditioning feed has completely changed my life and so many others and horses love it!

What is it?

Fibre-Beet is a conditioning feed with a carefully formulated combination of Speedi-Beet, alfalfa and oat fibre supplemented with biotin, sodium and calcium. You've got all the benefits of Speedi-Beet with its high level of easily digested soluble fibre for slow energy release, along with low starch and sugar. The alfalfa provides quality protein containing essential amino acids for muscle tone and function and the oat fibre provides a complementary nutrient profile. Fibre-Beet is designed to be fed wet which is the most natural way to feed your horse. Fibre-Beet can be fed in larger quantities than l-Beet and so is a superb conditioning feed and is ideal for those needing or preferring to control starch intake. In fact, if your horse is in light work, Fibre-Beet, and a balancer, plus a good forage, are all he needs for a fully balanced diet.

SA Horse Feeds can be found on:

Facebook – Feed your horse with SA horse feeds and

Instagram – SA Horse Feeds


Equiquip is an equestrian equipment company owned by Shial Christie. I have been a part of this company for a few years now and it has been such a pleasure! EquiQuip, stands for Equestrian Equipment. Equestrian means, for the art of horse riding in Latin. EquiQuip makes horse riding equipment for disciplines like English Dressage, Western Dressage, Show jumping, Western games and general exercising at home. Their products include Jumping numbers, Jump Fillers, Dressage letters, Dressage barriers, Cavaletties in 2 sizes. Mounting blocks and Barrels.

They can be found on Facebook/Instagram – Equiquip

Favorite SA Rider & quote:

Since I was a junior I have always loved watching Shaun Neill ride! He is my most favorite of all our talented riders. International I would say Scott Brash and Dani Golstein.

If I could leave a quote and some inspiration it would be this

“We should encourage one another to strive to be better, not taking pleasure in someone’s else’s errors” – Scott Brash

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