New & Improved Relief Bridle 2.0

By far one of our most raved about products at MM Apparel is our Relief Bridle. Not only for the obvious relief that it brings to your horse, but for it's amazingly soft high quality leather that is both durable and flexible .

"I am so thankful for putting him in the MM Apparel Relief Bridle. He absolutely loves it and I will never use another bridle again" - Kirsten Lawrence and Sky


Same design and signature leather, but with an upgrade. We have improved our relief bridle for both a better fit as well as added some extra style. So what exactly has changed you might ask?

1. The Head Piece - We have changed our head piece by providing more clearance around the back of your horses ears.

2. The Browband - We have given our new browband a drop -U shape following the natural shape of the horses forehead this makes sure that the browband does not pull the head piece forward onto your horses ears. Plus adds a bit more style to your bridle.

3. The Throat Latch - We have added extra padding behind the throat latch buckle purely for the comfort of your horse.

4. Style - We have also added some extra padding for detail on the browband and noseband.


The relief bridle was first prototyped almost 20 years ago by William Micklem. Since then it has grown tremendously in popularity and finally South Africans are starting to notice the difference this bridle can make for your horse.

Designed from the inside out the relief bridle does just that, brings relief. Taking into account the shape of the horses skull, rather than the outside appearance of their head. The nerves, muscles and pressure points have been avoided as best possible creating the ultimate training tool. The relief bridle avoids these areas unlike traditional bridles making them perfect for all horses and not just the sensitive ones.

But which “pressure points” is it designed to miss exactly? There are three main areas that are especially sensitive on your horses face.

The first being the softer tissue just above their nostrils. The relief bridle has been designed to sit slightly higher up where there is thicker bone rather then soft tissue and nerve endings. The higher noseband also avoids any inward pressure on your horses teeth.

The second area is the poll and the back of the ears. The relief bridle has a thicker shaped poll piece to

distribute pressure evenly. There are cut outs behind the ears making sure the poll piece does not press against them and extra padding to avoid any irritation from the thicker leather making all the difference.

The third area is the thin delicate tissue around the teeth and mouth. The relief bridle is designed without a thin flash band that can cause serious tissue damage when made to tight. The relief bridles “flash band” only sits under your horses mouth and is designed in such a way that it is very difficult

to over tighten or cause any serious damage to these sensitive tissues.

Our MM Apparel relief bridle is made from the most beautiful cow hide leather that is incredibly soft and durable. Soft padding through out the bridle creates extra relief and added comfort. Only the best is good enough.

The relief bridle is not only a win for your horse but for you as well. It is a breeze to take apart and clean, no more fiddling over check pieces. Changing bits and browbands has never been easier, if your horse is well enough behaved you can even do so while still on their head.

So how do you know if this is the bridle for your horse? The only way to truly know is by trying it out and the difference is very clear.Macho Man the name sake of MM Apparel had never resisted the contact, stuck his toung over the bit or thrown his head into the air. When we put him into his relief

bridle we really didn’t think it would make any difference and it didn’t? or so we thought. Macho had a habit of throwing his head into the air just before putting his bridle on. It was the last step in his tacking up and so we put it down to his final way of letting us know he wasn't interested in work.

Three rides after the first time in his relief bridle and he hasn’t thrown his head up since. For us this showed how Macho displayed no obvious signs of discomfort from his bridle during rides but he made it very clear how happy he was to be in his new relief bridle.

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