The Equine Antics Magazine Issue 3

Has just landed this March

We at MM Apparel Equestrian have been so fortunate to have such amazing people in our corner, supporting us. We have been absolutely blown away with the positive response to our first few editions of The Equine Antics Magazine.

We are super excited to keep growing both our brand as well as our new magazine. We hope you will continue to learn and grow along with us. We also want to make sure we bring you the content and information that you would like to learn about. If you have any questions or topics you would like us to cover in future issues please contact us at They can be directly related to MM Apparel or simply questions or topics that are just equestrian related that you would like to know more about.


PHOTO TAKEN by Gabriella Sonnekus from GS. Photography

HORSE AND RIDER: Jade Coetzee on her Horse Rotoflo Voigtskirch Zidane

At only 14 years old, Gabriella has proved that passion is everything. As a self-taught amateur photographer she has taken it upon herself to document the emotions felt between horse and rider at shows. Gabriella has made a big impression with the MM team, and so we wanted to show case her work and show off some of her talent.

Gabriella Sonnekus

“What a wonderful way for me to let people see what I sometimes feel and cannot say. My view in your picture, but also my picture with your view. Every picture tells story I hope you enjoy mine.” - Gabriella Sonnekus

To read the rest of our magazine with your very own digital copy use the link below. If you would like to receive your copy every time a new one launches then subscribe to our mailing list.

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