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It’s time to highlight some local talent again. As you know there is nothing we love more than showing off our fellow talented equestrians.

Capital Callahan owned by Shari Michaelis

Talent is one thing but Merlynn Trichardt takes it to a whole new level. As a qualified Graphic Designer her talents have stretched into the creative world of both art and photography. And things just get better, Merlynn also has a passion for horses and animals in general! So it was only natural that her talent and passion would marry so beautifully together.

We asked Merlynn a few questions about herself, riding and her skill sets to help us get to know her a bit better. More than that we just want to show off her talents.

So where did your love for art and photography come from?

“Art runs in the family, so drawing has always been there since the first time I picked up a pencil. I would often draw for fun, to take a break from busy days. I started drawing my friends, furry friends after running out of gift ideas and that’s the moment that change things for me. The requests just started rolling in. With all the requests I had to find a way to work it into a daily routine, and naturally made it into a small business from there. The best part is how much I love it, especially hearing the stories that come with the photos."

"Photography kind of took off through my designer work. I often had to take product photos for clients, but found myself snapping pictures of the sweet moments between owners and their horses during set ups. I had so much fun doing this that I started to mess around taking pictures of friends and their horses, and just like that people were booking shoots for themselves.”

Argonaut owned by Ruconu Appaloosa Stuf

So you’re a rider to, there must be a horse behind all of this?

“My little ottb Rocky. My absolute heart horse, the plainest 15.2hh bay boy, but the most special. I got him as a 5 year old, after I had to stop riding due to unexpected life changes. Because of him I met so many amazing people who helped me work with him and those people started supporting the drawings from all the doodles I made of Rocky and photography because of all the photos I took of Rocky ;) So I can say I would literally not be where I am if he didn't come into my life. He forces anyone that meets him to love him... lol. Like most people say how can you not love him". He is 15.2hh in size but double that in personality. He is turning 13 now. I cannot imagine a life without him."

Merlynn & Rocky

"Recently I found my dream show horse in dressage. Her name is Millwari Santina and she is SA Warmblood. My husband also rides and has his own horse too, so the passion for these beauties is shared. We also have the best 2 dogs... A cute fat Labrador and beautiful Weimaraner and they are always at my side even if I draw for hours on end. They keep me motivated ;)”

Merlynn & Millwari Santina

How much does your life revolve around your design ability?

"I am fortunate enough to say all the art I do, especially the photography and drawings. They really work hand in hand together. The graphic design helps me with editing the photos and photos are what I draw from. Each one inspires the other. I have an idea for a drawing, take a photo, edit it to fit in with that idea so that I can begin drawings it. I often find myself looking at other people's horses or animals and instantly think that would make a lovely photo or drawings.”

Being good at something is one thing but being good at both art and photography is a whole other. How do you juggle both, or find the time to be good at two very time consuming talents as well as riding?

“The drawing I must admit takes up most of my time, for me the most important thing is capturing as much personality as possible and sometimes that means working from early morning to midnight. Secondly comes the graphic design and 3rd the photography because the photoshoots are not daily so when I have a shoot it takes me about 3 days working to get all the photos done. Even though all this is full time, I still make the time to ride my horses and I will always make time for them, unless the deadline is life or death. To be honest I sometimes think I am the definition of tired but I am pretty sure the reward of a happy customer is worth much more. There is also the time to advertise what I do and that usually happens in that last hour of the day that is meant for sleep but then I do marketing for the week.”

What would be your favorite piece?

“Photos I unfortunately have a few favourites, how could I not. With each photoshoot I have so much fun plus there is always that one photo of a special moment that is never planned. People don't realize the beauty in the smallest of actions, this is always where the magic happens.”

Shari Michaelis with her Aristoteles

“Drawings I also have a few pieces that are special. I mostly draw animals that have passed on so all the pieces I do have a special meaning but for me I have some pieces that stand out. It’s where I felt the emotion more in them.”

A4 pencil commission

Have you got any tips for people who are thinking of pressuring art or photography?

“The most important tip I have is to start now, don’t postpone. Explore as many options as possible. If you want to take photos then go outside and take a thousand photos of 1 flower, now you are already one step ahead in experience than anyone else still deciding.”

“In terms of drawing, start with what you got... as you progress you can go into finer detail and have a better idea of what art medium suits you. While you are doing all of this make sure you actually enjoy what you are doing. Don't be afraid to ask for advice.”

So how do I get a picture or photo of my horse?

“I am currently open for photoshoots and drawings commissions. Drawing spaces are limited. You guys can contact me via social media or a quick WhatsApp :)”

Photography Facebook: Merly T Photography

Instagram: Merly T Photography

Drawings Facebook: Merlynn's Art

Instagram: Merlynn's Art Whatsapp: 079 317 4556


Sassy Anna owned by Leani Buys

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